where am I now? Naryn oblast, Kyrgyzstan

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Hi, I’m Valerie, an American from Texas. During my university days I studied abroad for a semester in Nanchang, China (江西南昌 at 江西财经大学) and a semester in Hohhot, China (内蒙古呼和浩特 at 内蒙古大学). I speak Mandarin Chinese at a solid intermediate level, good enough to have a casual conversation but nowhere near fluent. These travels sparked my interest in Asia and more specifically Central Asia where I currently live and work.

I’m interested in foreign languages generally, but the ones I am most interested in at the moment are Mandarin Chinese, Russian and Kyrgyz. My significant other is a native speaker of Russian and doesn’t push me to practice it nearly enough. I am currently using Kyrgyz in daily life to communicate with my host family and community members. In the distant future, I would eventually like to learn Spanish as my maternal grandmother was from Mexico and I have several relatives who can speak Spanish, including my mother.

可以用中文跟我沟通 😊 不过语法、词语可能用得不对,这样也可以给我改正一下啦 😁